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想成為我們的Insert Model,成為明日之星嗎?那就趕快來填寫申請表格吧。我們會定期邀請Model候選人來Insert試鏡。Insert Model Team期待你的加入!

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    Mandy Xiao



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    Kevia Tang

    love life,and I am a foodie.


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    Jenny Wan

    Fashionable pastry chef!

    I am a French Pastry Chef graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. Graduated from Ivey, the top business school; worked for Burberry and Sears; and now finally found my passion to work in pretty pastry world! Arts/fashion/gourmet food are my interests and these are what I am working at.

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    Joanne Zhu

    Trying new things every day

    Live every day like your last!

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    chanel lam

    Nothing is impossible.

    Currently i am a second year Kinesiology and health science student at York University. I am very active and outgoing. My hobbies include biking under the blue sky by the lake shore,play badminton,and singing.

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    Jessica Lu

    Nothing worse than ordinary

    I’m 19 years old and currently studying criminology at U of T. Most would describe me as enthusiastic, fun and passionate. I haven’t really had much modelling experience but I’m always open to try something new, life without novelty is no life at all :)

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    Shel Li

    Bring sunshine to life.

    Simple girl with a big heart to help the community in need. Love to volunteer, love to give, love to bring sunshine to the world.

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    Scarlett Zhou

    Camera is my second life.

    UofT (St. George) student,love photographing, fashion and street art :) Good at painting (designing), taking pics, playing the violin and modelling as ;)

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    Angel Cheng

    Friendly and Work Hard

    I graduated at U of T for music and studio. I love to performance and modelling. I was the finalist for A1 covergirl 2009, Miss Asia ( Toronto) 2013. I also did some singing competitions as well.

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    Fairy P



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    Fairy P



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    Elizabeth Pham

    Inner beauty

    I am a fun, enthusiastic, and professional young 19 year old Asian girl, looking to gain some modelling experience, and just grow with it.

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    Yanxi Chen

    political corrector

    i ship things and i’m madder than you are

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    Linda Huynh

    I am a big dreamer.

    I am an Architect who worked abroad for the past two years in Asia. I have an outgoing personality and optimistic attitude. I love travelling, hiking, yoga and art. I hope to continue my journey of travelling around the world throughout my lifetime, and seeing famous architectural landmarks.

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    Cen Wang


    Just love modelling

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    Suya Chen

    Smile, why not?

    Love to challenge, never give up.

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    jenny wang

    headstrong & playful

    19. studying commerce at university of toronto. playing is my passion, success is my ambition.

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    xinyi fu


    l am christina.l am 18 years old .study in high school.l like dancing and playing piano

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    Lei Selina

    Energetic and active

    I’m a dancer of my soul dance crew at university of Toronto. I have dance background of ballet, contemporary, new jazz, and traditional Chinese dance. I have experience in photo shooting for posters and book covers.

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    kasin lau

    I host/I act/I dance /I model

    I love everything is around me.
    I model I dance I sport