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想成為我們的Insert Model,成為明日之星嗎?那就趕快來填寫申請表格吧。我們會定期邀請Model候選人來Insert試鏡。Insert Model Team期待你的加入!

No Image FoundClaudia Jiang

Do what I love; love what I do

High school student~
喜歡每天做一點點自已熱愛的事 (鋼琴, 吉他,唱歌, 拍照, 跳舞), 因為時間一長就能看到成果。

No Image FoundJenny Yee

listen to your heart’s desires

When i was only 7 years old, i look at the miss Chinese Toronto pageants in t.v. hoping that one day i could be successful to act/sing in Hong Kong. Big dreams…but you never know if this could happen or not! Hope is a dream that never sleeps

No Image Foundching man lisa hui

love to sing,dance and model.

I have never given up on my dream. 13years of modeling experience and 5 years of actual stage experience.

No Image FoundKat Tu


I’m a third-year high school student. I’m half-Vietnamese and half-Chinese. I speak Cantonese, English, and some French. My height is 168 cm. I know how to play the piano very well and also know how to dance. I like photography. I always do everything to the best of my ability. It’s my dream to be featured in a magazine. I’m a bit shy at first, but adapt very quickly. I have a friendly, passionate, and outgoing personality.

No Image FoundXueyang (Amy) Li

Be myself


No Image FoundKelly Xiang


你好!我叫Kelly!目前就讀於Brock University WSET,剛考取高級品酒師執照!愛好品酒,拍照,音樂,唱歌和各項體育運動!是個不斷追尋夢想的女孩!

No Image FoundWenjing Zhang

Listen to my heart

I am a student, who study at OCAD University for graphic design. Life is not easy, but I always listen to my heart and do my best. I am comfortable in front of camera, so I like to be a model and I got several chances to do so.

No Image FoundLinda Xi

Don’t worry be happy ~

Cheerful, youthful high school student ★
I’ve always wanted to do model work, doing what I love as a job is like a dream~

No Image Foundshiyu Huang

love life

Second year university student
Love the life of pursuing

No Image FoundLi Yun (Joy) Ni


170cm, 48kg。 平面模特。

No Image FoundCoco Li


有过几次在国内街拍的经验 对时尚 拍摄模特方面很感兴趣 希望能在多伦多有这次机会 谢谢

No Image FoundGrace Chen

modeling dream

I am a 18 year old girl, and I will turn 19 this year. I am an university student and hope to get a part time modeling job. I always think this job is very different than other careers and would like to feel the model and fashion world.

No Image FoundAlice Chao

Believing in fate, the future

With aspirations to be a model, I’m a positive individual who carries a smile throughout any situations. I’m a strong believer in fate and the theory where everything happens for a reason. I have a strong passion in traveling (perhaps a future career as a flight attendant) and meeting new people. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be part of Insert Magazine!

No Image FoundGuoer Chung

I like to travel


No Image Found怡锦 安


我不是跳得最好的老师 但一定是教的最好的舞者

No Image FoundMelody chu


– I’m 21 years old
– I speak fluent Cantonese and English
– I’m Canadian
– I love to laugh and smile (I’m an optimistic person) :)
– I try to accomplish all my goals and dreams
– I love traveling and food (I’m elite on yelp)
– learn more about me !!

No Image FoundAngel Lu

Love travel

Now work in American Airlines. Love traveling.

No Image FoundAngel Lu


Toronto, Guangzhou two places to go,will be in Toronto next week .

No Image FoundJude Tu

Mlle. Tu

I am working for RBC and graduated from Queen’s University. Besides building financial models meticulously, I love rock&roll music, photography and road trips. Part-timly, I did a lot of modelling job, I am on brochures of Queen’s, website of George Brown College and also photo models for studios.

No Image FoundSienna F


I am a U of T student and have been modelling recreationally since 5 yrs ago and want to keep it up. I am a happy and optimistic girl and super approachable!