Michelle Liu


Michelle is the CEO of ISCA. ISCA was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2015 and is based on authentic North American educational system. Ever since its foundation, ISCA has been consistently delivering superior services to students including offering internationalized art guidances, helping prepare students’ art portfolio, planning students’ artistic profession, world-renowned universities application and employment skills training. It is a system that organically combines education and services. Meanwhile, under the guideline of respecting art and nurturing future artists, ISCA is working to contribute to helping students establish a western artistic way of thinking. 3年时间,42所大学联盟成员,100多名学生,500多个offer. 被多伦多市长和安省议员董晗鹏评价为"可爱并有思想的女孩”,25岁人生璀璨X赢得不只是漂亮。

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