INSERT Model Team 期待你的加入

Do you think you should be featured as an Insert model in our magazine? Maybe you know someone that should be our next toronto Cover Girl? You may be featured in various model photoshoots and articles with latest fashion trends and products! Join us and enroll as a model now!

穿搭時尚,熱愛生活,只要你身在多倫多,敢於show出自己,那就盡快加入Insert Model Team吧。 只需簡單的填寫個人信息並且上傳美照若干,我們便會盡快與你取得聯繫並且安排試鏡。下一個封面女神就是你!

helen zhao


Fei Song


Lin Feng

I am who I am. :D

Sisi Liu


Mingcong Li

beautiful eyes

jie gao


Yolanda Wang

Confident independent engineer

Jenny Hwang

Ambitious, yet down to earth