NCIX Grand Opening at YONGE & EGLINTON

Last Saturday, there was an event in MIDTOWN – NCIX stores in YONGE & EGLINTON opening. Let’s follow us what’s happened that day!

2014 March Lucky Star

Confusing last month? Uncertainty? Find out what’s waiting for you this month!


【INSERT Exclusively Offers】Buying a selected keyboards with those awesome offers! show the coupons with the codes to the store officers! Get one for new year now! The coupons are restricted by T&C, please visit store for more details!

Taste like my homemade dishes

Always eating rice and congee are so boring and they all look so heavy. Foodymart designs some Sour & Spicy dishes and fried Dim sum for all officers. You can enjoy the cold dishes immediately after work. Let’s Insert introduce some ideal foods to you!

BerBer Social Enjoy Delicious

If looking for Western, Japanese and even Korean restaurants in Toronto, they are easy to find, but there was a traditional Moroccan food is hard to see. INSERT this issue take you to a restaurant where is full of Moroccan national color-BerberSOCIAL, where is fully of handicrafts and you must enjoy this restaurant specifically designed for customers featuring delicious Moroccan food.

The Modern Typist

Taking a laptop or tablet is necessary for all business ladies, functional keyboards are a great choices for you to take it out and work at coffee shop! Follow us and recommend some tablet keyboards for you!

2014 BMW X5 xDrive50i

After BMW X5 has been launched since 1999, the latest generation of X5 just launched this year! They have been changed a lots with high-tec added-on. Insert introduces 2014 X5 xDrive50i luxury for you all.

Multi-Functional Sport Watches

Sport watches have a more complete than ordinary functions, generally waterproof, shockproof, and electronic compass, barometric pressure prediction, height, rhythm four major criteria. Sport watched has become used to match the shape of clothes, whether it is match with casual wear or sportswear, are becoming conspicuous symbol of fashion.

Winter Workouts

Getting lazy in such cold weather and we all like seat in front of screen whole day. Seldom go out for exercise and our weight is getting higher. It’s time to stop and workout with us now!

2014 Mazda 3

Mazda 3 impressed us since 2003. We are looking forward to Mazda 3 Skyactiv which is fully used of technology, what’s the differences between Mazda 3? Let’s we explore together!