Fun Refreshment @ Foodymart

零食就是享受人生的一種樂趣。人生的快感很大一部分來自味覺。沒事的時候,拿點零食放在嘴裏,體會它們各種各樣或酸或甜或辣或鹹的感覺,還有留在口中的立體感,一種與主食氛圍完全不同的休閒和快意油然而生。這份放鬆,在生活節奏快如列車的今天,很難得!愛吃零食的人嚮往浪漫,也懂浪漫。是因為知道浪漫的可貴和人生的意義;懂得浪漫,是因為懂得體會生活和品味生活。讓INSERT 為你介紹零食,讓你休閒時懂得品味生活啦!

Sony POV Action Cam + Live View Remote

近年來運動攝影越來越盛行,即便許多人都不是從事高危險系數的冒險運動,仍然用一台運動攝影機紀錄大小事。Sony也跟上這股潮流,推出首款動作凸輪系列HDR-AS15,以的Exmor R背照式感光元件的高品質,卡爾蔡司天塞鏡頭,防手震規格,還有相對較便宜的售價,讓消費者有更多選擇。

Mercedes-Benz CL45 AMG

大家還記得《來自星星的你》都教授的座駕麼?是否都被其帥氣的外型給吸引了?這期insert就為大家介紹一下這台Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG 4MATIC的狂暴吧。 CLA45 AMG是一部尺碼不到四米七的小型轎跑車,掛上AMG徽章,2.0升四缸渦輪增壓引擎可輸出炸裂的360匹馬力與45.9公斤米扭力,具有4.6秒加速破百、極速直上250km/h的猛爆性能,類似跑車的線條雕琢加上氣燄囂張的AMG外衣,看起來相當凶悍,性能當然也狂暴不已,這可是部名號為45的小AMG啊,起步加速跑不進5秒內的通通得俯首稱臣!

Portable Power Bank

Since we changed to smartphone, batteries always is the main concerns when we going out. Using facebook, whatsapp, palying games or recording our daily. A portable power bank is most popular these years. There are lots of options for you, which one is the best, which is good for you? Insert introduce some kinds for you!

Style Your Home

Do you ever like me hard to make choices, especially making choices from pretties. Professional interior designer suggested the style you want and then choosing the home decors for your home. Therefore, you can have an entire home style. Here’s INSERT introduce some elements of each style for you!

Volvo V60 R-Design

Toronto Auto Show2014, most of the brands had launched suv and wagan cars, known for its low-key practical Volvo V60 wagon also launched a new version, the new V60 with the latest design, more refined and stylish appearance to attract more consumer attention. Follow INSERT to introduce Volvo V60 T6 R-design.

Drawing from the heart!

From Designer’s view, finger like a real pen, as the designer and creative in every detail expressed not leak a drop, really difficult. To draw on such a precision mechanical instruments, I believe the finger is not the most competent tool. INSERT is going to introduce the two most popular iPad pens for you!

Don’t miss a chance for winning an iPhone5s!

Dragon Legend is doing an awesome promotion to everyone. There are two big activities which are Dragon Legend Lucky Draw! From March 3rd, you could get a lucky draw ticket when you dine in. Then, login the link it is given, you might win an iPhone 5s, free drinks, free lunch buffet or dinner buffet! Not only dine-in, now you can get a chance by using facebook! JUST Click ,LIKE & REGISTER NOW! Could get an awesome prize anytime!

My Civic daily

ivic changes and push an another level these years and the price doesn’t changed. The 2014 Civic as well. In this issue, insert will bring you to feel the charm of the new Civic.