Swarovski 2014 SS Collection Preview


INSERT appreciated that invited by Swarovski 2014 Spring & Summer collection event. Two themes of “ethnic “and” charming blue “as a new collections for the concept of cultural highlights. They all are great items for all ladies mix and match.

INSERT 榮幸受 Swarovski 邀請,小編可以看見今年最新水晶手飾潮流以粗、厚、條紋和相連為主,更首次向藝術致敬,運用了最頂尖的技術,將傳統與工藝二合為一。今季兩大主題充分以“民族色彩”和“湛藍魅力”的全新首飾系列來表達,適合所有女生在這春夏搭配。



Swarovski reveals different cultures and art elements with complex materials on their new design. The collections present a modern style and feminine charm. Variety of jewelry are designed in conjunction with other materials, such as using gold and silver necklaces, leather and even full of dynamic tassels. These are simplicity and luxury jewelry, be the most eye catchy one in 2014!

Swarovski 以不同種族與藝術運動的文化,以復雜素材簡單地結合它們,同時將 Swarovski 與眾不同的現代格調和嫵媚魅力完美呈現。多款手飾均配合其他素材來設計,例如:有金銀色項鍊、植皮和富有動感的流蘇等,適合任何女生的每天穿搭。這些簡約與奢華兼備的飾品,為時尚搶眼的衣櫥增添不可或缺的點綴。



Changeable accessories can pursuit mix and match with layers or wear only one of them, all depends your mood! This set of new collection look gorgeous and full of style for every pretties! Sun-glasses is a MUST in summer, They added many details on the design of sun-glasses. Hello Kitty accessories is one of this collection as well, believe that it would be on many girls must buy list!


春夏當然不能缺少太陽眼鏡,Swaorvski 在眼鏡設計上增添不少心意,2014 卡通更出現Hello Kitty,相信一定吸引不少美少女。