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Dedicated to diverse categories including beauty, fashion, lifestyle, gadget and automobile, INSERT Magazine has continued to inspire Asian Canadian youths to stay fabulous on top of the trendy and fashionable lifestyle since 2003, and it has been a highly interactive platform where readers and experts/influencers easily engage to. INSERT also features the must-go local restaurants and latest entertainment places and events in town.

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Insert Magazine was founded in May 2003 and issued by Iron Design Solutions (former Farlien Design Solutions), a professional advertising design firm located in Toronto, Ontario. INSERT E-Magazine features 100% local pretty girls on the cover and showcases local fashion, beauty and lifestyle to our Asian style-conscious readers. In order to provide the most up-to-seconds news in town, we created our first online platform back in 2007. Now, we are ready to move forward to a whole new stage and develop a new way to read! Our new platform includes daily social media updates and extended services, along with doubling the content from before, which increase its effectiveness to expand our customer base. 24/7 social media platforms maximize clients’ benefits through effectively delivered news and promotions. It empowering communities with monthly campaigns which attracts a significantly increased number of fans.



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In order to provide the most up-to-date news in town, we launched our full online platforms back in 2007. Now, our online platforms include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with daily update website content. 24/7 social media platforms maximize clients’ benefits through effectively delivered news and promotions. 


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Offering business opportunities for a wide range of industries/clients to place paid advertisements, INSERT Magazine customizes solutions and campaigns to accommodate client’s advertising objectives that would optimize the traffics/leads driven to your business. With over 10-year experience, the up-to-date INSERT Magazine serves as a smart digital-focus platform in this lead generation to achieve tangible business results by intensively tracking and analyzing online customer behaviors. INSERT Magazine would be your wise media buying choice to improve your ROI.

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