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Layla Dong

I’m 20 and I’m interested in fashion, make-up and photography area. I’ve ever been a cosplayer and have several work of that. And I also had many cooperations with some young and independent photographers. But many of that are just hobbies, which didn’t go through any post processes like PS….And I encountered some friends of … Read more

Faye yang : 活在当下 不辜负自己

双鱼座女生 敏感却不柔弱 喜欢美食美妆 孩子气 珍惜生活中的每一处美好 始终相信 真正富有的人 是那些懂得享受自己所拥有的人

jacqueline li

Be yourself and love who you are 喜欢美食,喜欢旅游,喜欢拍照。是一个有梦想的吃货:) Back to INSERT Enroll Model

Angel Lu

Optimistic, positive, emotional like travel,fashion Back to INSERT Enroll Model

Michelle Liu

艺术家和企业家,比“董明珠”更璀璨 Michelle is the CEO of ISCA. ISCA was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2015 and is based on authentic North American educational system. Ever since its foundation, ISCA has been consistently delivering superior services to students including offering internationalized art guidances, helping prepare students’ art portfolio, planning students’ artistic profession, world-renowned universities application and … Read more

Wincci Zhou

Model I am an internationally published model and engineering master student from UWaterloo. I have modelling and acting experiences in fashion, beauty, fine art, lifestyle shoots, as well as commercial and short films. I am also one of the top 6 models of Now Toronto magazine cover model contest.My portfolio: Back to INSERT Enroll … Read more