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Do you think you should be featured as an Insert model in our magazine? Maybe you know someone that should be our next toronto Cover Girl? You may be featured in various model photoshoots and articles with latest fashion trends and products! Join us and enroll as a model now!

穿搭時尚,熱愛生活,只要你身在多倫多,敢於show出自己,那就盡快加入Insert Model Team吧。 只需簡單的填寫個人信息並且上傳美照若干,我們便會盡快與你取得聯繫並且安排試鏡。下一個封面女神就是你!

Layla Dong

I’m 20 and I’m interested in fashion, make-up and photography area. I’ve ever been a cosplayer and have several work of that. And I also had many cooperations with some young and independent photographers. But many of that are just hobbies, which didn’t go through any post processes like PS….And I encountered some friends of … Read more

Michelle Liu

艺术家和企业家,比“董明珠”更璀璨 Michelle is the CEO of ISCA. ISCA was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2015 and is based on authentic North American educational system. Ever since its foundation, ISCA has been consistently delivering superior services to students including offering internationalized art guidances, helping prepare students’ art portfolio, planning students’ artistic profession, world-renowned universities application and … Read more

Wincci Zhou

Model I am an internationally published model and engineering master student from UWaterloo. I have modelling and acting experiences in fashion, beauty, fine art, lifestyle shoots, as well as commercial and short films. I am also one of the top 6 models of Now Toronto magazine cover model contest.My portfolio: and Back to INSERT … Read more

Vicky Ng

Cherish and Explore more in our life Life is too short, try to explore more in our life Love travel. The most favourite place is France, Paris. Never feel bored in there. Especially all the shopping area and the winery there., really want to take a year off, stay in Bordeaux winery cut off the … Read more

Carol Tsao

來自台灣的小女孩 去年獨自來到多倫多闖蕩 ,也是第一次離開家裡,跳脫自己的舒適圈。 從一開始的不適應 到漸漸融入當地生活,這趟旅程真的不容易,但是卻也讓我更珍惜現在的自己,每一天都在成長。 不論你身在何處,都要隨時感恩身邊的一切,特別是愛你的家人。 Back to INSERT Enroll Model

Menglu Wang

Believe in fairy tale 很多女生都希望自己可以是白天鹅,但殊不知白天鹅曾经也是只丑小鸭。过去也是一只丑小鸭的我,经历了四个月的减肥,变得漂亮也变得自信。从来没有??会做个光彩夺目的人,但自己却一直在不断蜕变。破茧成蝶的过程纵容辛苦,但变成蝴蝶的那一刻所有的努力都是值得的。这便是我,一个相信通话的little girl。 Back to INSERT Enroll Model