Clarins Extra-Comfort Foundation and Instant Concealer for Fall 2013

Everything about this foundations sounds incredible: It is supposed to moisturize the skin and help to reduce the dehydration, as it contains a Plant Micro-patch (Brown Algae extract and Acacia gum), Organic Argan Oil and White Tea. More info:

HAPPY AND ENERGETIC – Sunny Enticing Floral

MARC with his remarkable ability to reinvent classic lines and patterns, it puts a fresh spin on stripes with honey. Reflecting his inspired fashion mix, he pairs striking stripes with playful dots for unexpected fusion of modernity and elegance. More details:

FADE TO BLACK – New Fall 2013 Collection!

Black is back and cooler than ever with this LIMITED EDITION Collection of pitch-perfect neutrals- all in polished metallic packaging with an ultra-luxe, violet-to-black gradient. More info:

Caring for chapped Lips with earth friendly!

Have you heard about Live Clean? Its products are formulated without many chemicals. Live Clean is fragrance free, free of parabens and other harsh preservatives.Its packaging has been carefully created to be as earth-friendly. Live Clean containers are recyclable.Where lip products are concerned, Live Clean believes that Organic Certification is essential. Let’s check them out! More info:

L’Oreal – Age Perfect

It riches 8 essential oil, could anti-ages with a little drop. Instantly replenish moisture, nourish skin cell energy to reproduce healthy luster. Combine with cream morning and evening use simple massage, let’s creams and essential oils nourish completely absorbed by the skin, continuous use, so that the traces generally fade away. More details:

L’Occitane Hair Products

L’Occitane Hair Products-A combination of geranium, lavender, ylang ylang, sweet orange essential oil and angelica, five kinds of ingredients to cooperate fully with shampoo conditioner. More information:

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code

Young skin is naturally perfect, even skin tone, full of elasticity. Health gloss, compact flexibility, delicate young skin should be clean and is owned properties. Youth Code Serum and Cream, help to improve our skin, just a simple Steps to reproduce healthy skin gradually. More info:

Redken Diamond Oil Collection

Diamond Oil Concentrate hair nourishing oil, fragrance, let your hair healthy from the inside out tough, not easily broken.
More details:


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