INS Snap : Hannah Gordon《春夏清新Business Casual》

INS Snap 今天為大家介紹的是 Hannah Gordon,Hannah  是一位演員,在 Ryerson University 修讀 Performance: Acting , 於去年畢業。在今次INS Snap 內,她為讀者展示了自身獨特的春夏 business casual 的穿搭風格。既不會過份休閒也不會太隆重。
In today’s INS SNAP , we are here to introduce you, Hannah Gordon. Hannah is now an actress who graduated from Ryerson University school of performance last year. Hannah’s outfit is a great example of the business casual style and a perfect balance between formal and casual wear.
For the upper part, her top and vest are both in black which creates a sense of maturity and professionalism. She also added a necklace to make the look more complete. Hannah chose a pair of high-waisted jogger pants for her bottom and finished the outfit with simple white shoes. High-waisted pants is a great choice because they make your legs longer!
Hannah ‘s outfit
Top: Wilfred,
Pants: Dex,
Vest: Leith

Hannah  作為一位專業演員,對鏡頭十分敏感,自然又不造作,令攝影師工作份外輕鬆。

其實 Hannah 除了當演員,也可以考慮當模特兒!


在畢業後,Hannah在一家餐廳工作,但她沒有忘記自己的夢想,便是成為一個演員。她向小編透露已經接到不同的 電影角色 ,令她的夢想不再遙遠。(令大家想起了 Lala Land 的 Mia嗎?哈哈)

Hannah works in a restaurant after graduation but Hannah decided to focus on her acting career in full time recently. She has received multiple offers of from different movie companies. We are looking forward to her future success (like Lala Land’s Mia?)!

大家一起來看看其他business casual 的穿搭吧!

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Model: Hannah Gordon

Text & Photo: Lambert Lam