2014 Acura MDX Fantastic Evolution

2014 is SUV’s, the major car dealers are launched their new SUV this year. Acura launched in 2014 a series of major changes in order to MDX heavy head shot from both power and technological MDX have evolved to a higher level, this issue Insert special to introduce SUV, Acura MDX 2014.

Cornelia Xue

Cornelia Xue 這個又高又瘦的美人兒看上去弱不禁風,特別惹人憐愛,飄逸的長發讓她看上去美得就像天仙下凡一般,真想像杜甫一樣感嘆一句:“此女只應天上有”。而美麗的背後又有著怎樣個性倔強的想法呢?今期就讓我們一起來認識這位甜蜜可人兒—Cornelia Xue。 ABOUT COVER GIRL Full Name: Yanan XueNickname: 乖乖Birthday: 1991.06.15Horoscope: GeminiBirth place: TianjinHeight: 171 cmWeight: 43 kgBlood Type: OLanguages Spoken: Mandarin, English Favorite Body Parts: Eye, nose, leg, hands, waist, neck and clavicleFavorite Places: Barcelona, Mauritius and SanyaFavorite Colours: Pink and purpleFavorite Foods: Anything except green vagetables.Favorite Music: Pop musicFavorite Animal: 萌寵都喜歡Favorite Movies: 《戀戀筆記本》、《返老還童》、《第六感生死戀》Favorite Artists: MonetFavorite Quotes: 我也曾經把光陰浪費甚至莽撞到視死如歸,然後因為愛上你而渴望長命百歲。   THE NEXT COVER GIRL IS YOU! 下一个封面女神就是你,我们期待你的加入! 现在报名 … Read more

Ted Baker, Unique Sartorial Elegance

Ted Baker, represents the traditional British dress, has successfully become part of British culture. In the next issue Insert magazine will take you around the UK to get to know the only 20 years-old brand!

Celebrate a great CNY with Guerlain this Saturday!

We all start out inspired and hopeful at the beginning of the Chinese new year. Having a great looking will help motivate you to head out the door in the first place and have an awesome 2014! Therefore, Guerlain invites us to experience an entire Orchidée Impériale journey as well as its new one- the Gold Orchid to regenerate cell life on Saturday (18/1/2014). Let us to look gorgeous and amazing in new year!

Glorious Wedding Accessories Matching Lesson

Marriage is a promise, most of us would only think about diamond rings of Tiffany and Catier. Besides of rings and these two brands, Insert will introduce other wedding accessories, which you may miss out and matches of accessories.

Oro Gold Cosmetics

Every bride would like to be the most beautiful one in her wedding. Therefore, having a set of skin treatment to have a shinny, beauty and wonderful moment in your life. This issue, Insert recommend Oro Gold Comestics to you to be a shiny one in 2014!

SOOS Good! A New Malaysian Restaurant

Malaysian is an multi-cultural country with many countries style , such as Indian, Thai and even Chinese fusion with Malaya dishes. We are now recommend a New Malaysian fusion restaurant for you meeting up with friends!

Cornelia Xue Sweet Angel of Mine

Insert is introducing the Cover Girl of our next issue, Cornelia Xue. Want to know more about her? Come check it out!

115 Wedding Nails Preview

隨著美甲越來越流行,有很多準新娘都在拍婚紗照或者是婚禮前幾日便把指甲做的美美的,所以現在漂亮的指甲也成為了婚禮的一大亮點。水鑽蕾絲類的美甲,顯新娘聖潔高雅。這次就和我們的Cover Girl一起來體驗下由Nails Paradise帶來的創意美甲吧。

2014 January Lucky Star!

Confusing last month? Uncertainty? Find out what’s waiting for you this month!